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As a team, we give out several awards every year including awards given out to competitors at tournaments we host and awards given out to individuals who have helped shape the team. The links on the left will take you to the specific awards where you will find a description of the award and a list of the individuals who have received it.


The Scott Ogden Memorial Award
2014- Rebecca Steiner
2014- Andrew Montee
2014- Idania Hererra Blankenship
2013- UF Student Government Finance
2012- Kris Willis
2011- Colonel Robert Ely Jr.
2010- Melissa Tyrone (UF Foundation)
2009- Gary Winslett
2008- Marna Weston
2007- Amy Martinelli
2006- Lauren Fackender
2005- Erik Crocker
2004- Jeff Hannan
2003- Frank Irizarry
2002- Dr. Gerald Kish
2002- Josh Heller
2001- Elenore Cotter Klinger
2000- Dr. Jane Y. Douglas
1999- Rob Klinger
1998- Andy Bogeajis
1997- Scott Newsom

Ryan Rimmer Memorial Award
2014 Brianna Mahoney
2013 Joy Minchin
2012 Jon Prescott
2011 Alexandra Gonzalez
2010 Lauren Davidson
2009 Ben Sunshine
2009 Alexia Ash
2008 Marissa Silber
2007 Colin Rawls
2006 Raju Vyas
2005 Amy Martinelli
2004 Jeff Hannan
2003 Christian Acosta

Gerald Pic kellie&gerald lucasgerald

Dr Gerald Kisch (Pictured on the left, in the center with Director of Forensics Kellie Roberts, and on the right with Debate Alums)


2014- Unaiza Batool, Evan Cartegena, Mikayla Hall, Simon Persico, Rajiv Varghese


Scott Ogden Memorial Pentathalon Award

2014- Kendall Gray, Florida State University


2013- Mikayla Hall, University of Florida


2012- Thad Fitzpatrick, University of Alabama

2010- Blake Williams, University of Alabama

blake williams

2009- Angeles Burke, University of Alabama

2008- Taylor Wood, University of Mississippi

2007- Jeff Galtiao, Florida  Community College at Jacksonville

2006- Ashley Mack, Arizona State University

2005- Shanele Raggencia, University of South Florida

2004- John Ashbury, Florida Stat University

2003- Adam Luther, University of West Florida

2001- Kirk Moore, Morehouse College

2000- Paige White, University of Alabama

1999- Tharon Moore, Santa Fe Community College

tharon moore

1998- Nicole Fuller, University of Alabama

Tom Boyer Memorial Varsity Debate Speaker Award

2012- Jon Zaikowski, Wake Forest University

2007- Adam Schmidt, University of Georgia

2006- Kurt Zemlicka, Wake Forest University

1999- Debbie Prieto, University of Miami

debbie prieto

1998- Caitrin S. Muldoon, Florida State University –>