The Varsity Policy Debate Teams traveled to Wake Forest this weekend. Evan Cartegena and Heather Marchini went 2-6 and Taylor Allums and Kate Scolaro went 2-6, too.


The Novice and JV Policy Debate teams traveled to ADA. Dennis Callaghan and Emmanuel Kizito went 3-3. Jay Shukla and Kayla Talebi went 1-5. Martin Alexis and Shay Jean-Baptiste went 0-6.

Go Gators!



The UF Policy Team traveled to the beautiful Vanderbilt University this weekend. Evan Categena and Heather Marchini went 2-4 in Varsity, Taylor Allums and Kate Scolaro went 1-5 in Varsity, and Emmanuel Kitzio and Dennis Callaghan went 2-4 in JV. Emmanuel also received 8th speaker in JV! Go Gators!

This weekend the Policy Debate novices attended the Sunshine State Showdown at UCF. Kate Scolaro and Kayla Talebi got 2nd. Emmanual Kizito and Dennis Callaghan got 3rd. Jay “the champ” Shukla maverick-ed and got 4th. For speaks, Kate got 6th, Emmanual got 3rd, Dennis got 2nd, and Kayla got 1st. Go Gators


The University of Florida Policy Debate team traveled to Rutgers this weekend. Evan Cartegena and Heather Marchini broke to Octos in Varsity debate with a 3-3 record. They did a fantastic job and had a ton of fun! Go Gators!



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The Policy Debate Team traveled to GSU this weekend, a beloved tradition of UF. This was everyone’s first tournament of the year. Kate Scolaro and Taylor Allums broke to Quarters with a 4-2 record in JV. Kayla Talebi and Yarden Kakon broke to Octas with a 3-3 record in JV. Jay Shukla and Martin Alexis are UF’s Policy Novice Champions with a record of 5-1. The Policy Team did really well and thoroughly enjoyed themselves at GSU. Go Gators!

The Policy Debate Team traveled to UMKC this weekend. Evan Cartegena and Heather Marchini went 4-4. They had a lot of fun at their first tournament of the year. Go Gators!

Last weekend, the Policy squad traveled to Samford for a competition and had some great results.

In Novice, Yarden and Martin made it to Semifinals. Yarden got 6th speaker and Martin got 7th speaker.

In JV, Taylor and Heather made it to Finals. Heather got 4th speaker and Taylor got 3rd speaker.

In Varsity, Joshua and Evan made it to octofinals.



Last weekend, the Policy Squad traveled to UCF in Orlando, Florida for the Sunshine State tournament. In JV, Eran and Stephanie got 1st and Josh and Taylor got 2nd. Eran got 1st speaker, Josh got 2nd speaker, and Stephanie got 3rd speaker.





This past weekend, the Policy Debate Squad traveled to Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia for a competition. Overall, Florida CM went 3-5 and Florida CK went 2-6 in Varsity and Flrida AM went 2-4 in JV. Taylor Allums was 17th speaker in JV.



Before the semester started up and competition began, the Policy squad got together to prepare for the year.

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