Come out to the University of Florida Speech and Debate Team’s Fall Open House meeting for new members in the 2019-2020 school year on Tuesday, August 27th! This is a great opportunity to meet our officers and returning members, learn more about both the overall team and the three squads, and begin your membership with an incredible organization.

The meeting will be held in CSE A101 from 5:30-6:60 P.M.

Reach out to us via our Facebook (University of Florida Speech and Debate Team) and our Instagram (@ufspeechanddebate) if you have any questions or need any more information. See you on the 27th!

On April 17th, the University of Florida Speech and Debate Team elected in their new officers for the 2018-2019 school year. We had many incredible applicants run, and everyone had great ideas of places to take our team over the next year.

President: Kate Scolaro

Vice President: Nick Zimmerman

Secretary-Treasurer: Saad Masud

Policy Captain: Emmanuel Kizito

Individual Events Captain: Kedrick Mckissock

Public Debate Captain: Shannon Ruane

On April 22nd the University of Florida Speech and Debate Team had our annual banquet to celebrate all of our accomplishments over the year, to thank our coaches and competitors for all their hard work, and to welcome in our new officers! A great time was had by all, and several of our teammates and coaches were recognized for their outstanding work!

The Kish Community Service Award was awarded to Dennis Callaghan, Stefanie Gonzales, Morgan Spicer, and Kedrick Mckissock!

The Rimmer Award for Competitive Excellence was awarded to Aaron Klein!

The Scott Ogden Award was given to Leonora Crane and Neil Decenteceo!

Everyone on the team put in an incredible amount of effort this year, and we can’t wait to see our accomplishments next year!

On March 27th, the Public Debate team hosted their last debate of the year on whether guards should be placed outside schools.

Some believe that we need to be proactive in protecting our children by introducing armed guards to schools, and others believe that more guns just create more problems. After the Parkland shooting, this discussion has become even more relevant to Florida schools, and it has brought us here tonight. The resolution for this debate was: public schools should have armed guards placed outside during school hours.

On February 15th, the Public Debate team hosted a debate regarding whether anthropologists should intervene regarding harmful cultural practices.

For many years now, the intervention of anthropologists in the cultures in which they study has been debated. Many believe that anthropologists in the field have the responsibility to affect change concerning actions they believe to be harmful, but others believe such a view is ethnocentric, with non-Western cultures being negatively affected. Since this topic has such a wide scope, our debate focused primarily on the cultural practice of female genital mutilation. Our debate’s resolution was be the following: anthropologists have the responsibility to intervene regarding existing “harmful cultural practices.”

The University of Florida Public Debate Team hosted their first debate of the semester on January 30th! There is currently a bill in the Florida Legislature that would automatically grant non-violent felons the right to vote after they are released from prison, if it is passed. This debate took this discussion one step further and examines whether violent felons should have their voting rights restored as well. The resolution was be the following: The Florida Legislature should only restore the voting rights of nonviolent felons, not violent felons.

The affirmative won on a 4-1!


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UF Speech visited Florida State College of Jacksonville for their annual Star Invitational! We had a fantastic time seeing everyone and managed to pick up some awards:

2nd Erin Schoch
3rd Hannah Locop

4th Ty Christoff-Tempesta

1st Ty Christoff-Tempesta/Tiara Jenkins
6th Neil Decenteceo/Erin Schoch

1st Alex Sargent
2nd Neil Decenteceo
4th Aaron Klein
5th Hannah Locop

1st Neil Decenteceo
2nd Alex Sargent
4th Aaron Klein
5th Hannah Locop
6th Erin Schoch

4th Tiara Jenkins
5th Alex Sargent

3rd Erin Schoch
5th Neil Decenteceo
6th Alex Sargent
7th Hannah Locop
Top Novice: Noelle Kough

1st Tiara Jenkins: Norm Will Award
3rd Erin Schoch

1st Erin Schoch
5th Ty Christoff-Tempesta

2nd Erin Schoch
3rd Tiara Jenkins

Lincoln Douglas-
3rd Alex Sargent
5th Aaron Klein

Lincoln Douglas Speaker Awards-
1st Alex Sargent
3rd Aaron Klein

1st Erin Schoch: Samuel Jackson Award
4th Neil Decenteceo

Team Sweeps-
1st Individual Events Sweeps
1st Combined Sweeps
3rd Debate Sweeps

Go Gators!


We sent three Forensigators to Peoria, Illinois for the ‪#‎JurassicNorton‬! *No gators were harmed by dinosaurs.

Results: Erin Schoch made it to Quarterfinals of Prose, Semifinals of Dramatic Interpretation and placed 4th in POI!




This weekend the Forensigators headed to Suffolk University in Boston for their fall tournament! Here are the results:

After Dinner Speaking
2nd Erin Schoch
6th Aaron Klein

Dramatic Interpretation
5th Erin Schoch

3rd Hannah Locop

3rd Ty Christoff-Tempesta
5th Hannah Locop

5th Tiara Jenkins

4th Hannah Locop

2nd Tiara Jenkins
3rd Erin Schoch

1st Tiara Jenkins
2nd Erin Schoch
5th Ty Christoff-Tempesta

1st Erin Schoch
6th Tiara Jenkins

Rhetorical Criticism
3rd Ty Christoff-Tempesta
4th Hannah Locop

Team Sweeps
3rd place!