Public Debate Squad


The Public Debate Squad hosts public debates on campus including charity public debates benefiting Food 4 Kids and other non-profits. Debate topics and formats are decided by participating members and debates are designed to improve public speaking skills and encourage conversation on the topics selected. Previous topics have included government control of nutrition, Edward Snowden, whether college athletes should be paid, free speech on campus, DC versus Marvel comics, and Harry Potter versus Star Wars.

2017-18 Debates:

“Resolved: The cost to students for Student Government’s budget is worthwhile to the average UF student.” The affirmative won on a 4-1

“Resolved: UF should implement Affirmative Action in the admissions process.” The negative won on a 4-1.

“Resolved: the Florida Legislature should only restore the voting rights of nonviolent felons, not violent felons.” The negative won on a 4-1.

“Resolved: Anthropologists have the responsibility to intervene respecting existing ‘harmful cultural practices’.” The affirmative won on a 3-2.

“Resolved: The United States should provide mandatory public vaccinations for contagious diseases.” The affirmative won on a 2-1.