Speech Squad



The Speech Squad travels locally, regionally, and nationally to compete in the eleven AFA-NIET individual events: Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu, Program of Oral Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Poetry Interpretation, Prose Interpretation, Duo Interpretation, Persuasive Speaking, Informative Speaking, After Dinner Speaking, and Communication Analysis.

2017-18 Tournaments:

Capital City Classic: Arti Lopez: 6th in ADS, Isabella Dinelli: 2nd in ADS, 6th in Prose, Aaron Klein: 1st in CA, 1st in Extemp, 2nd in Impromptu, 1st in Info, 3rd in Persuasion, 1st in Quadrathon, Nick Zimmermann: 4th in Extemp, 3rd in Info, Bailey Lovesky: 5th in Prose, Kedrick McKissock: 4th in Poi, Riley Redington: 4th in Info, Elizabeth Ingersent: 5th in Info. We won 2nd in team sweeps, broke 14 events, and 6 legs for AFA!

Crimson Classic: Aaron Klein: 2nd in Extemp, 3rd in Persuasion, 3rd in CA, 6th in Info, and 2nd in Individual Sweepstakes.

Marks Invitational: Aaron Klein: 1st in ADS, 1st in CA, 6th in DI, 1st in INFO, 1st in PER, 1st in Indy Sweeps, Arti Lopez: 6th in ADS, Nick Zimmermann: 4th in CA, 1st in EXT, 1st in IMP, 6th in PRO, 3rd in INFO, 2nd in Indy Sweeps, Saad Masud: 3rd in CA, 4th in IMP, Regine Louis: Top Novice in INFO!, Riley Redington: 6th in EXT, 6th in INFO, Kedrick Mckissock: 4th in INFO, 5th in POE, Tori Asgard: 5th in EXT, 5th in IMP. We got second in overall team sweeps!

Star Invitational: Nick: 6th in CA, 2nd in Info, 2nd in Impromptu, Riley: 4th in Extemp, 2nd in ADS, Arti: Top novice in Poi, top notice in ADS, Saad: 6th in ADS, 5th in CA, Aaron: 1st in Extemp, 1st in CA, 1st in Info, 1st in ADS($), 3rd in Impromptu, 3rd in Persuasion, 6th in DI, 1st in Individual sweeps! Tori: 5th in Extemp, Kedrick: 6th in Info. The team also received 2nd in team sweeps, and broke half of our events.

HFO: In one of the hardest tournaments in the circuit, Aaron Klein placed 3rd in Impromptu and 4th in Extemp!

University of Florida Forensics Tournament: Aaron Klein: 2nd in After Dinner Speaking, Nick Zimmerman: 1st in Extemp, 4th in Impromptu, 5th in Communication Analysis. Saad Masud: 5th in Persuasive Speaking, 6th in Communication Analysis, 6th in Extemp. Kedrick McKissockk- 6th in Informative Speaking, 6th in Poetry Interp, 6th in Prose Interp.

UCF Knights Joust: Saad Masud: 1st in After Dinner Speaking, 1st in Communication Analysis, 1st in Persuasive Speaking, 5th in Extemp, and 5th in Impromptu. Tiara Jenkins: 2nd in Poetry Interpretation, 3rd in Program Oral Interpretation, 3rd in Prose Interpretation. Sasha Herrera: 3rd in Poetry Interpretation 4th in Prose Interpretation. Kedrick McKissock: 5th in Informative Speaking

UCF Alumni Duel: Saad Masud: 1st in Communication Analysis, 2nd in After Dinner Speaking, 3rd in Persuasive Speaking, 5th in Extemp, 5th in Impromptu. Kedrick McKissock: 2nd in Informative Speaking, 6th in Impromptu. Tiara Jenkins: 2nd in Poetry Interpretation, 2nd in Prose Interpretation, 4th in Program Oral Interpretation. Sasha Herrera: 4th in Prose Interpretation, 5th in Poetry Interpretation

Novice Nationals: Saad Masud: Novice National Champion (1st) in After Dinner Speaking, Novice National Champion (1st) in Impromptu, Novice National Runner-up (2nd) in Rhetorical Analysis, Novice National Top 3 (3rd) in Extemp!! Saad also, by himself, placed 2nd in Team Sweeps!!

FIFA State Championships: 4th in Team Sweeps!

Aaron Klein: 1st in Extemp, 1st in Informative Speaking , 1st in Persuasive Speaking, 4th in After Dinner Speaking, 5th in Communication Analysis. Nick Zimmermann: 3rd in Prose. Saad Masud: 3rd in After Dinner Speaking, 6th in Communication Analysis. Tiara Jenkins: 3rd in Program Oral Interpretation. Sasha Herrera: 4th in Prose!

National Speech Championship: 7th in Team Sweeps! Aaron Klein: 1st in Communication Analysis, 1st in Impromptu, and 6th in Extemp. Nick Zimmerman: Semifinalist in Extemp, Quarterfinalist in Impromptu, Quarterfinalist in Communication Analysis.

AFA NIET: Aaron Klein broke to quarters in Persuasion, Impromptu, Informative, and Extemp! He won 5th Extemporaneous speaker in the nation, 14th individual speaker in the nation, and UF won 19th in Team Sweeps!